Toomey: ‘Decency’ calls on Reid to bring budget to Senate floor

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Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) on Tuesday slammed Senate Democrats for refusing to tackle a new budget.

[Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid [D-Nev.] has said so far this will be another year where they will ignore their statutory obligation, and an obligation based on decency, to do a budget, Toomey told MSNBC.

We do not need to bring a budget to the floor this year — its done, we dont need to do it, Reid said Friday, citing the debt-ceiling deal that set up spending levels for 2013 and calling another budget unnecessary.

But Toomey promised that the Senate GOP would be voting on a budget this year.

Republicans will be voting on a budget that Republicans support, he said. It may be the House Republican budget; it may be our own budget; we may have several budgets like we did last year. 

Toomey appeared on MSNBC to criticize President Obamas proposed budget as a failure of leadership that did not address the deficit or entitlement reform.