Lugar slams 'ObamaCare' from Supreme Court steps in new ad

"ObamaCare is wrong for America and I believe it is unconstitutional," Lugar says in the ad in front of the Supreme Court. "That's why before it even passed Congress I urged Indiana's attorney general to launch a legal challenge against ObamaCare. Today our lawsuit is before the U.S. Supreme Court. Thirty-two times I voted against ObamaCare including on Christmas Eve, and I'll continue to fight until ObamaCare is overturned."

Right-wing groups have sought to tie Lugar to Obama, and the ad seeks to amplify Lugar's opposition to the president on this issue.


A Lugar spokesman said the ad buy was in the low six figures and that it was running statewide on broadcast and cable TV as well as radio.

The ad comes the same day that the deep-pocketed Club for Growth began what is reportedly a $1.8 million TV assault on Lugar, who is facing a right-wing primary challenge from Indiana state Treasurer Richard Mourdock (R). Their ad blames Lugar for the massive expansion in government debt that has accrued during his 35 years in Congress.