Snowe gives Obama a failing grade in lawmaker outreach

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) hasn't met with President Obama in two years, she said in an interview on Tuesday.

"I think it was during the healthcare debate," the centrist senator told ABC News. "There was a meeting on energy, a meeting in the spring of 2010."


Asked to give Obama a grade on his outreach to legislators, she said it would be "close to failing."

"A president should be reaching out to many on the opposite side of the aisle. You know, to many Republicans, on a bipartisan basis," the three-term senator said.

Snowe's admission underscores a point some Obama critics have made: that he can be too distant from Capitol Hill and too unwilling to meet regularly with legislators of the opposing party or even his own.

Still, in the summer of 2009, during the debates over healthcare reform legislation, Obama actively courted Snowe, inviting her to the White House in order to win the centrist Republican's vote.

Snowe stunned Washington last month when she announced she wouldn't run for reelection, citing the partisan atmosphere in Congress as one of her reasons.

And when asked who, if anyone, Obama is reaching out to these days, she responded: "Good question."