Dem senator: Fundamentals of economy ‘quite good’

"I think there are four things we ought to do — one is not talk ourselves into recession," he said on CNN. "Hair is not on fire, let's keep that in mind. The underlying fundamentals for the economy are actually quite good and we need to keep that in mind."

While last month's employment numbers were low — only 69,000 jobs were added to the economy, according to the Labor Department — Carper says the nation's economic outlook isn't as bad as it seems. He pointed to strong corporate profits and dropping energy costs.

"I call it like hitting singles," Carper said about the steps Congress is taking to restore the economy. "We need to hit a bunch of singles, create a more nurturing environment for job creation, set the stage for a home run. A home run is what we need to hit after the election."

Carper also noted that while the steps Congress is taking to energize the economy can pit Democrats against Republicans, he said there is common ground for action.

"What we need to focus on are things we can do," Carper continued. "They are: Don't talk ourselves into recession. No. 2, continue to hit a bunch of single small things we can do to move the economy. ... Three, get ready for doing something really big after the election. Four, to have $5 trillion in deficit reduction ... we just need to do it."