GOP support grows to force shutdown over funding ObamaCare

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) said he’s recruited more than a dozen Senate Republicans willing to shut down the government to prevent President Obama’s healthcare law from going into effect. 

Lee said the Republicans would block a continuing resolution to fund the government beyond Sept. 30 if it includes funding for ObamaCare.

“This is the last stop before ObamaCare fully kicks in on Jan. 1 of next year for us to refuse to fund it,” Lee said Monday on “Fox and Friends.” 

“Congress of course has to pass a law to continue funding government — lately we’ve been doing that through a funding mechanism known as a continuing resolution," he added. "If Republicans in both houses simply refuse to vote for any continuing resolution that contains further funding for further enforcement of ObamaCare, we can stop it. We can stop the individual mandate from going into effect.”


Lee said he has “13 or 14” Senate Republicans on his side, and that the “number is growing.”

“There’s a parallel movement going on in the House,” he added.

Lee’s comments build on those he made on WBAL radio in Baltimore on Friday, when he said he’d “utilize every procedural mechanism” at his disposal to stop the implementation of the healthcare law.

Lee acknowledged that certain parts of the law were popular, such as coverage for pre-existing conditions and children being able to stay on their parent’s coverage until they’re 26 but said that since these parts had already been implemented, Republicans weren’t looking to do away with them.

“The way we’ve worded this is for further enforcement and implementation of ObamaCare, so we’re not talking about those things,” he said.

Republican lawmakers have vowed to redouble their efforts to block the president’s signature healthcare reform law after the administration delayed a key employer mandate last month.

The White House says the rest of the law is moving ahead as scheduled, but Republicans say the delayed mandate is proof the entire law is unworkable. 

Last week the House voted to delay both the employer and individual mandates and Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has vowed more House votes against ObamaCare.

The administration is ramping up its campaign in support of the law, which is slated to begin enrolling consumers in its new insurance exchanges on Oct. 1.