Pryor, Club for Growth in Arkansas ad slugfest


Pryor's ad attacks Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) — his likely 2014 opponent — for missing House votes and for the government shutdown, hitting back at an ObamaCare-themed ad the freshman congressman released over the weekend.

"Silly. Bogus. Tom Cotton has chosen to play Washington politics and not tell the truth. It's not just that he's running frivolous ads at this critical time, but when Congress was debating to shut down the government, where was Tom? Down in Houston raising big bucks from Texas fat cats, missing votes in Congress and not doing his job. Tom Cotton: just reckless and irresponsible," Pryor's ad says.

The Arkansas race has already seen heavy advertising more than a year from the election. Republicans see Pryor as one of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents, and winning in Arkansas is seen as essential to their chances of taking control of the Senate. 

The Club for Growth, which has endorsed Cotton, released its own ad hitting Pryor on ObamaCare. The ad has a similar theme to Cotton's, criticizing Pryor for refusing to make any changes in the healthcare law.

"We know Mark Pryor supports ObamaCare, but lately he's gotten even more extreme. Pryor voted against any delays in ObamaCare. He voted for taxes on pacemakers and ultrasound equipment to pay for ObamaCare. But when he had the chance to stop the special deal for members of Congress, he voted no. With Mark Pryor, it's ObamaCare for everyone else, but not for him."

Pryor's campaign fired back against the Club's ad.

"When the Club for Growth asked Congressman Cotton to vote against the Farm Bill, student loans and disaster relief, he agreed to sell out Arkansans, so it should be no surprise that they're spending millions to buy a politician who will always do their bidding," Pryor spokesman Erik Dorey said. "This ad is false, and just like Congressman Cotton, it was paid for by Washington special interests."

Watch the Club for Growth's ad:

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