Pryor hits Cotton for shutdown in new ad

"Tom Cotton cost us billions. The government shutdown cost America $24 billion. Cotton and a small group of reckless congressmen took our country to the brink of default. His irresponsible actions weakened our credit and damaged our economy," the ad's narrator says. "Fortunately, wiser heads prevailed. Senators like Mark Pryor brought Democrats and Republicans together to end the shutdown and responsibly cut spending."

Pryor has zeroed in on the shutdown in an attempt to paint Cotton as "reckless," a term he's used in multiple ads.

The ad is running statewide, according to Pryor's campaign.

Cotton argued for using the leverage of government funding as a "tool" over the summer and repeatedly voted for bills that would only keep the government open if ObamaCare was also defunded, though he voted in favor of the eventual bipartisan compromise that reopened the government.

Cotton's campaign blasted the ad as a "total fabrication."

"This ad is a total fabrication and is just the latest example of Senator Pryor telling Arkansans one thing and doing something completely different in Washington," said Cotton's campaign manager Justin Brasell. "Tom Cotton voted five times to fund the government and end the shutdown. Senator Pryor voted against four separate compromise measures that could have opened the government sooner. Instead, just like he does 95 percent of the time, Senator Pryor chose once again to side with President Obama and Harry Reid."