Pelosi: Republicans would consider a government shutdown a 'victory'

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Sunday that Republicans want to shut down the federal government. 

Speaking on CNN’s "State of the Union," Pelosi said “anti-government ideologues” in the House GOP desire a shutdown, as evidenced by legislation the lower chamber passed on Friday that would keep the government running to mid-December but defund ObamaCare.

“The Republicans put legislation on the floor that was intended to shut down government. For them, that’s a victory because they are anti-government ideologues who dominate the Republican Party,” Pelosi said.

The California Democrat said by attaching the healthcare reform law defunding provision to the spending measure will lead to a shutdown. The government is set to run out of funds on Oct. 1.

“The effect of putting the Affordable Care Act on the bill is shut down the government. They know that. They know that has no prospect of prevailing,” Pelosi said.

House Republicans have argued that they have done their job and it is up the Senate to pass their spending measure. Pelosi also said she believes the House GOP has cut too much government spending, endangering key services.

“There are a lot of excuses that they use. But for many of them, I call them legislative arsonists. They are there to burn down what we should be building up in terms of investments in education and scientific research and all that that is makes our country great,” Pelosi said.

The minority leader said not all Republicans want to shut down the federal government.

“I don’t paint them with all the same brush. And I certainly don’t paint the Speaker with that brush,” Pelosi said. But enough in the GOP caucus are in favor of a shutdown, according to the Democrat.

“That would be a victory for them,” Pelosi said.